Saturday, January 16, 2010

By Popular Request…(Bigfoot)

Mr. HH loves his trail cameras. He gets pictures of all kinds of wildlife using these motion-triggered digital cameras. Turkeys, raccoons, squirrels, you name it. He has several of them around, and he often rotates them to different spots throughout the fall months to try to scout where the nice bucks are for deer season. This is great, because we’re really always looking for ways to keep ourselves busy. Yes sir, one more thing to look after, that’s exactly what we need.

Anyway, these rugged cameras are quite the engineering marvels. They are cheap, run on batteries or solar power, change over to infrared flash at night (making pictures black & white, but still very clear), and can take around 500 pictures at a time. Some of them even take videos, but that’s another post.

So, now you have the backstory. This camera had been out for several days on our east river pasture when Mr. HH went and pulled the memory card and came home to look at the pictures.

There were some nice bucks, and he had his usual enthusiasm for previously unseen deer, like this one.


Generally, the rest of us just humor him with looking at the pictures. To be honest, they all look pretty similar to me. If it’s not a 10 or 12 point, I just don’t get all that interested.


And then he got to this picture. In the months since, this has been the single most requested, most talked about picture he has ever taken. Nowadays we can’t even go to the vet, or go to get a flat fixed at the tire shop without someone asking about it. You would think we captured Bigfoot on film, or something. Oh, wait. We did.


Now, the facts:

No one has taken credit for this little prank (as we skeptics call it). The picture is un-doctored as you see it above, and boy have we inspected every inch of it to try to identify the culprit. In the weeks following, there was quite a bit of finger-pointing and speculating, but never a single bit of evidence to implicate anyone. Our best guess is a crime of opportunity with a very creative prankster. The only clue we have is the suspicious picture’s appearance just after Halloween. The one person I can rule out for sure is Mr. HH himself, because November 4th was a Wednesday, and we weren't even at the ranch! I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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