Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Story of the Twins

This is another ‘by request’ blog, apparently I have been taking too long getting it up. Sorry! But truthfully, I was searching for just the right baby picture of Mr. HH to go with this post, and I think you’ll be glad I did. Readers, beware, there are excessive levels of cuteness in this post.

Calving season has just started on the H and H, but our first calves of the season were a real miracle. A set of twins was born to a young mama cow in our big east pasture. Actually, the same pasture and the same day Mr. HH had a heck of a time fixing the water tank. At least we got to multi-task that day. Or, I should say, I got to multitask. Mr. HH’s water tank fixing also involved me standing in the back of the truck with a pair of binoculars watching the twins, trying to see if the mama cow was smart enough to realize she had not one, but TWO babies to look after.

- “Hand me that wrench. No, the other one. No, the red one. Ok, what’s she doing now, are you watching her? I thought you were watching her!”

- “I am, but you wanted this wrench!”

- “Well, watch her now. Is the little one nursing yet? Is it standing up? Where are my pliers?!?”

So we watched them all day long, although mama cow really wasn’t all that thrilled about it. Here she is leaving, in fact, after we got too close.

Twins 127 Twins 114

Let’s face it, cows are not that smart. Their brains are really not capable of counting to two, and as is often the case with twins, the smaller one was having trouble getting any milk. We’ve not actually had a set of surviving twins on the ranch in about 20 years, so I guess you could say we aren’t that experienced either! So, when Mr. HH and Dad found that the little one had got separated from mama and she wasn’t looking for it, they decided to bring all three home to the house for a little TLC.

Mom and I were, of course, thrilled. Photo op! Plus bottlefeeding! There is nothing much cuter than newborn baby calves, and these twins were practically pygmies, they were so small. So yes, maybe I went crazy and took too many pictures, but can you blame me?

Twins 187 Twins 130

Now, this is the funny part. Later that week, Dad sends me an email from the Ranch saying he had named the twins. Usually it’s Mom and I who would do something so frivolous and girly, but turns out Dad had found a new way to take a jab at his son-in-law, Mr. HH.

Twins 172 Twins 156

Because we’ve decided to use pseudonyms for ourselves on the blog, I’m not going to put the true names of the calves on here (you’ll see why), but I think I can describe them in such a way you will get the joke. Let’s say, for example, that Mr. HH is a twin himself (he is). Let’s also say he and his brother have very masculine, yet rhyming, names (they do). Let’s use Jake and Drake for our example (not their real names, but close enough). Now also note that our new little twin calves happen to be heifers (girls, in cow-speak).

So Dad’s names for the cute little girls are his idea of the ‘feminine’ version of Mr. HH and his twin’s names, which happen to be pretty funny. Like ‘Drakeina and Jakeina’. He also decided which is which because one would take the whole bottle in just a few minutes. That one was the one named after Mr. HH, a joke about his super-fast eating habits I’m sure.

Actually, when we went back the 2nd week and I took some more pictures, I have to say the girls looked just as ornery as a couple of little boys. What do you think?

scan0002 Ranch 038 scan0001

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Dad said...

Loved the story of the twins. However, I was a bit surprised about the accusations regarding my name selection. I had not even noticed the similarity to your husband and his twin's name until you mentioned it. I knew the calves eating habits reminded me of something. Thanks for solving that riddle for me.

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