Sunday, February 7, 2010

Voting Cows

It’s been a bit more difficult than usual to come up with a humorous post for this week. The weather has been horrible, with over a week of snow and ice making cows and ranchers alike pretty miserable. Not enough sunshine to make photography any fun, and miles and miles of mud always between where you are and where you need to be.

February also has been making me think of Grandpa H. a lot lately, as it always does around the anniversary of his passing. Both Grandma and Grandpa H. were pillars of (what we call) the H and H Ranch, and somehow February reminds us all again that such a beloved generation is now a part of these pastures only through our memories and story-telling.

Grandma & Grandpa

So, in honor of Grandma and Grandpa H, I give you the story of the voting cow. True or not, I’ve heard many varieties of this story. I also make no claims to its historical accuracy, but with so many people telling the tale, there must be a root of truth in there somewhere. Who knows, we may do historical stories all month.

Grandpa took a cow to the salebarn one day. Of course, the salebarn for ranchers is the equivalent of the beauty shop to housewives, so he stayed around to chat while waiting for the cow to sell. This also might have had to do with him running for county commissioner at the time, I don’t know. Probably it had a lot to do with him having voting on his mind. But one memorable conversation supposedly went like this.

- “Now, why would you be selling a good-looking cow like that one there? Somethin’ wrong with her?”

- “Yep, it’s her birthday tomorrow.”

-“Why on earth would ya sell a cow just because it’s her birthday?”

- “Well, she’ll be 18 tomorrow, and I just don’t agree with how she’s planning to vote.”


Dad said...

Most people might not know that for a cow to live to be 18 she must have had great care all of her life. She had that type of care from my Dad, your Grandfather. Sure miss him. I miss his sense of humor and how he rarely complained even as his illness was making every day of his life miserable.

Aunt Carlene said...

I really enjoyed reading this story. It is a funny one I had either not heard or had forgotten. Daddy had a great sense of humor. I love the picture with Daddy pointing. Notice the terrace in the distance holding water...he built those too. What a man!Aunt C.

Casey said...

Grandpa was the most incredble man I have ever had the privledge of knowing. And it makes it even better to know he is our grandpa. I remember going to those sales with him. The auction was even better. He made me keep my hands in my pockets...literally!

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