Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a Real Flat Tire Looks Like

We like to get every mile possible out of our tires on the ranch.  I mean, a person living in town may have what, 8 or 12 tires to take care of?  Well, we have about 100!  Tires on tractors, tires on trailers, tires on feed trucks, tires on equipment, tires on ATVs.  Combine that with mesquite thorns, construction jobs, and barbed wire fences, and we have a lot of flats.  The list of emergency numbers Mom has taped to the cabinet includes the sheriff, the fire department, the dead livestock removal service, and of course the tire shop.  Last time Mr. HH went there, they tried to sell us back one of our own patched tires! 


But I really think this tire on one of the feed trailers gave us every mile it could. 


Umm, it might also be time to get that tail-light fixed, don’t ya think?  Yeah, that’ll be the day.

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Dad said...

I still think he could have put a plug in it.

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