Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. HH’s Fashion DON’Ts

(Summarized by Mrs. HH)

1. DON’T wear your good leather work gloves when working with grease-covered oilfield cable.  April 2010 027


(You will ruin them in no time flat, and have to switch to a pretty pair of neon green cotton gloves.)






2.  DON’T pose for your wife wearing said pair of neon green gloves and expect her not to post the goofy-looking picture for the whole world to see.April 2010 096


3. DON’T expect that after 3 weekends of greasy cable unrolling, those gloves will be allowed within a 1/2 mile of the inside of the house or any vehicle other than the open-cab tractor.April 2010 024


4.  After your wife has made fun of you for your funny looking gloves AND that your pants are way too big, DON’T give her more ammunition by using a piece of baling twine as a belt.April 2010 100


5. And whatever you do, DON’T use a utility blade to cut the baling twine ‘belt’ to size.  You almost gave your mother-in-law a heart attack. 

April 2010 098 April 2010 097  

(And your wife wasn’t too thrilled either.  She’s seen your knife skills before…)

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dad said...

After seeing this about my son-in-law I now understand why you do not use our real names in the blog.

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