Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, I decided to go back and take a look at several of my older posts, and give some updates on a few of the topics.  If you’ve forgotten what the old post was about, click the links in bold to read them again and remember what the heck I was talking about.


Remember my very first, post, about putting in a watergap under the new bridge?  Well, the question now is will it hold??  I honestly don’t know. 

We’ll have to wait until the water comes back down to know for sure.  Rain is good though, we’ll never complain about the rain. 

Uhh, is that our creek, or a lake that I just don’t remember being there?


The problem with the raccoons has escalated to a full-scale war.  The last straw was when they broke into the newly-renovated and painted garage and turned it into a giant litter box.   They got entirely too brave, coming right up to the house and looking into the windows.

All I can say is if you’re a raccoon, you better stay away, cause Dad has put away the live trap, and you know what that means…

Fence Project:

Remember all those air-driven posts?  Well, the corral is finally complete, just in time for spring working season for the calves.  Yay!

Baby Chickens and Guineas:

These guys are growing like crazy, and the mixed-bag of chickens are turning into even weirder and less-identifiable species every day.

Like this guy!  His feathers are growing in all frizzly, and he has an attitude to match.  Look at that expression, it’s like, “Yeah, I’m weird-looking, you wanna make something of it?”


The last time we took the trailcam off of the east place, there was another unidentifiable picture on it.  Here we can see that Bigfoot is carrying a sharpened stick of some kind, presumably for hunting wild pigs

Again, this is an unaltered photograph off of the camera, taken at a time when no one was supposed to be in that pasture.  Why is he always blurry??  Or did we capture a poacher in action here?  Believe what you want, I just post the pictures.


Dad said...

RE: Bigfoot
He is blurry for a couple of reasons.
#1. If he is Bigfoot he obviously is in a hurry. Places to go, people to terrorize, pigs to kill, shoe shopping at the big and tall store, etc.
Which incidentally gets me back to my original suspect--the only person I know with feet that big.
#2. Every picture of a mythical creature like Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, UFO's, Unicorns, honest politicians willing to spend their own money instead of someone else's, etc. is always blurry. Its the excitement of actually documenting the unbelievable.


carlene hill said...

That baby chicken! What happened to him! The pasture looks better, but that chicken!! He's going bad. If that turns out to be a rooster, we're going to be menaced. Maybe you can teach him to fight off racoons.

Mrs. HH said...

Re: The chicken
I have no idea...we think he might be a silky bantam. Mom and I named him Frizzles, and so far he's the most interesting, so he gets photographed a lot. I kind of like his attitude.

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