Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ok, maybe not.  But whenever I see turkeys interacting in the wild, that’s what I think of.  Take this video from one of the trailcams this winter, for example.  They sure did figure out that feeder pretty quick.  Now, imagine they were carnivores.  With claws.

Doesn’t that remind you even a little bit of these guys from Jurassic Park?  Not even a little? 

What about the parts about ‘coordinated attack patterns’ or ‘pack animals’?  Ok, I could be crazy.  Or I could have been traumatized by this film.  But if I was READING Michael Crichton at age 10, I guess it was pretty hard to tell me I couldn’t watch the movie too.  And that’s what happens when you listen to the logic of a ten-year-old.

(Jurassic Park images by Universal Studios)

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