Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is Hard

Dad sent these pictures to me a while ago, and while I’m away on travel it seemed as good of a time as any to share them.  It’s kind of a story in photographs, and depending on whether you are on team Snake or team Toad, either very frustrating or very inspiring.

It is the story of a bullsnake, one who thinks he will make himself an easy meal out of a big fat toad in the driveway.

But then, as Dad continued to take pictures, the supposedly beaten toad began to struggle, and the snake, who had quite literally bitten off more than he could chew, began to lose his grip.

Once the toad got his head loose, it was all over, and he hopped like he had probably never hopped before!

If you are wondering who would win in a race between a snake and a toad, well the answer is pretty obvious here.  If the toad is hopping for his life, that is.  Dad said the toad got so far away that the snake finally gave up.

And the final result…very angry snake.  This is a bullsnake’s idea of trying to be a much more fierce snake.  He will flatten out like he thinks he is a cobra, and make a sort of rattle sound like he is a rattler, but he is neither.  Faker!

I have no idea what the moral of the story is here, but I am reminded of what I guess was supposed to be an inspirational poster I saw at school one day.  It showed a cartoon pelican who had mostly swallowed a cartoon frog, but the frog’s front feet were still visible, and were wrapped around the pelican’s small neck, apparently strangling it.  The caption read, “IT AIN’T OVER ‘TILL IT’S OVER.”  At the time, my child’s brain understood the image not as inspirational, but as more of a warning to avoid unfamiliar foods because apparently trying something new COULD kill you.  I realize now that was probably not the intended interpretation, but what do you expect from an elementary-aged kid already prone to picky eating?

Anyway, maybe this toad had seen that same poster and took it to heart.


dad said...

Finally, I know why you were a picky eater as a child. I just always thought it was a test of will between you and your Mother. "I can hold this food in my mouth longer than you can watch me" thing.
Still learning after all these years.

Carlene Hill said...

Yikes! Nightmare material. Glad I tuned in.

Kevin said...

Sometimes you're the bull snake, sometimes you're the toad.

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