Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Redneck Snow Sports

Gosh it’s so nice to have things green and lush on the ranch these days.  This winter was far too cold, far too long, and had far too much snow.  Not living on the ranch, Mr. HH and I were actually snowed OUT, instead of snowed IN, a couple times this winter.

That made me sad, for one because snow means a ton of work and we weren’t there to help do it, but also because we didn’t get to partake in our ritual redneck snow sport – ATV sledding.  It’s the kind of sport that requires lots of snow, lots of flat ground, a 4-wheeler or ATV, and a complete disregard for personal safety.


See, that looks totally safe, right?  You can also include dogs and cameras if you are feeling really fearless. 

ATV sledding is actually a sport for the rider (usually me, because no one else is small enough to fit onto the tiny purple saucer sled), and also for the driver, who tries to dump the rider off.  Bonus points if you capture a photo of the rider falling on her head in the snow.  This is Dad’s bonus points-earning shot.

Thank goodness we grew out of this childish pastime, or someone could have gotten hurt.  Oh, wait, I might have some pictures of me over the age of 20, doing the same silly thing.  Points go to Mr. HH on this one.

Ok, so maybe we haven’t outgrown it.  But hey, you would fall off too if you had this guy driving like a maniac on the other end of the rope.  No really, Mom, we’ll be safe.  Really.


dad said...

When I look at that picture one thing comes to my mind--WHAT WAS I THINKING. Has you Mom ever seen that? If not, I may be a dead man walking.


Mrs. HH said...

Oh, brain damage-shmam-age. I'm totally fine. Totally fine. Totally fine. Totally fine.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Dad said...

You were talking about the picture of the crash???
I was talking about the picture of the son-in-law!!!!

Carlene Hill said...

He does look a bit ominous in that picture.

Carlene Hill said...

Ask your Dad about the original redneck sledding -- with bear grass roots for sleds.

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