Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Chicken Update

I already warned you about my inexplicable love for chickens, and I don’t mean on my plate.  (Those are stranger chickens, and I’m ok with that.)  But these chickens that Mom has, they are my absolute favorite chickens ever. 

What are the odds, I ask you, of going into the farm supply store, and randomly picking 12 chickens out of the box, and having no 2 of them grow up to look alike??  Because that’s what we have:  twelve chickens, all completely different.  Oh, and did I mention most of them are about 10 inches tall???  They may be laying eggs, but we are probably mistaking them for kernels of corn out there.

We did pick up 2 regular-sized chickens, and here they are with the flock of tiny chickens all around them.  See?  It’s like munchkinland, only with poultry.

And what in the world is this??  What is this thing on the left?  I think he (she?) is a miniature silky, although he looks more like a mutant baby bird that will someday grow into something else.  But he’s looked like this for about a month, so I’ve given up on the ostrich theory.  Oh, and I named him Frizzle.

They think they are hot stuff, though.  Apparently the lack of a reference has shielded them from the fact that they are the size of overgrown sparrows.  They crow, and fight, and run around like they own the place.  Especially this guy:


Dad has named him Flash, because he thinks those weird pointy feathers on his legs look like racing stripes or lightning bolts.  He is also the strangest looking chicken I have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot.  Have you seen Frizzle??  Well, Flash tops that.  He is white on his head, fading to red and black mottled on this body, with a black tail, gray foot-feathers, and black ‘racing feathers’ where a normal rooster would have spurs.

They also don’t much like to be photographed, but I am determined to get some close-ups, if only to document the insanity.

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Chickens are people too!

Lynn said...

Thank you for "stopping by" and the wonderful comments. I love your chickens!

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