Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Diva Models

Models are so difficult to work with.  Take this one, for example.  All I wanted was a nice sunset shot of her with the tall grass waving all around.

Well, maybe I should start from the beginning.  Mr. HH and I were riding around checking the cows last weekend, and when we came down into this meadow, the setting sun had lit up all of these foxtail grass heads so pretty.  Even what I did manage to capture doesn’t quite do it justice.  Anyway, I had to take the picture INTO the sun to get the glowing grass, and so needed something in my foreground to block the sun.  Gosh, a cow/calf pair sure would look neat!


Alas, the cows weren’t too convinced I wasn’t going to steal their babies, so I tried about 10 times before any let me get close enough.  Creeping up on them, really, was the only thing that worked.  And when they looked up from grazing, FREEZE and act like nothing’s happening.

Step…Step…What?  No, I didn’t just get closer while you were eating grass.  This is where I’ve been all along.  Pay no attention to me.  Just go back to that grass, will ya?  Step…Step…

Anyway, this particular cow had finally decided I was ok, either that or she was a tad bit dumber than your average bovine, and that’s when I realized the grass was TOO SHORT.  I couldn’t get the cow AND the grass, not without the cow looking like an ant on a field of green.  The only option was to get lower.

So there I am, practically laying in the chigger-infested grass, and what happened then?  She lost interest, and started grazing, and I could NOT get her to look back up!  That’s when I called for help.  Finally, with Mr. HH mooing like a baby calf and waving his arms and dancing around behind me (I hope you are picturing this in your mind, because it’s pretty funny), she was looking the right way, the sun was behind her, the grass was glowing, and I was pleased.


  Afterwards, she demanded a tank of Perrier water and her own dressing room.  I’ve created a monster.

Oh, and you can download these images in full high-resolution from our downloads page here.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Love your photos and your blog! It sounds like you had to play a game of red light/green light with that cow.

Carlene Hill said...

Beautiful! Great shot!

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