Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buoyancy in Bovines

We had some serious flash-flooding on the ranch this month, which is a big problem for cattle.  Why is it a problem?  Well, cows aren’t really all that smart, if you haven’t noticed.  In fact, when presented with rising water threatening to sweep them away, they tend to completely ignore all signs of danger and just keep doing what they’re doing, until we come around and tell them to move.

Cow #1:  Gosh, this grass I’m eating seems to be getting wet.  Does it seem wetter to you?

Cow #2:  Nah.  Everything is fine.

Cow #1:  Wait, when did the river move over here to the meadow?  I don’t remember a river here.  Do you remember a river here?

Cow #2:  Nothing to worry about.

Cow #1:  But, um, there seems to be a lot of water.  Fast water.  Uh, and I think a hay feeder just floated by.  That can’t be a good sign.

Cow #2:  I didn’t see anything.

Cow #1:  Well, if you say so.  I’ll just stand here and …..glug glug glug

Cow #2:  Hey!  That guy who feeds us is honking up on the hill.  Let’s go see if he has food!

Cow #3:  Um….ok.

At least, that’s what I imagine the conversation is like, because it looks to me like the cows just stand there while the water rises up around them, until someone comes to honk them out, and by that time, they have to swim out of the meadow.


See that ladder-looking thing in the background there?  That’s a deer stand.  You might be asking, why is there a deer stand in the middle of the creek?  It’s not SUPPOSED to be in the creek – this is a deer field and meadow!  The creek should not be anywhere NEAR here!  Poor cows, no wonder they were confused.

Thankfully, years of training have taught them to high-tail it to the sound of a honking horn and Dad hollering WWWOOOOOOOO WWWWOOOOOOO CCCCOOOOWWWSSSS!  Hey, you can’t make this stuff up.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Aww!! Look at those little cows swim! Out west once in NM I saw a flash flood and watch a cow get stuck out on a peninsula of dry land. Instead of walking down the narrow piece of land that wasn't underwater he (she?) stepped into the fast moving river that had suddenly appeared in the field and then drowned. It was so sad!

Mrs. HH said...

@Jen: Oh, how sad! But like I said, they are not smart at all about water :( Luckily, in this flood we had no casualties....all swam to safety!

Carlene Hill said...

It's a good cow man who can call his cows like that - lots of trust and care, and, like you said, maybe they just thought he had something better to eat than wet grass. I love this video.

Dad said...

Ok, who was the imposter making all those hick sounds on the video. Very funny!! Couldn't have been me. Stupid video camera--when I want the sound on I can't get it to work. Make weird sounds and it get the whole thing.


Mr. HH said...

At least the cows sometimes listen to you!

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