Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saving Time

When I was writing my list of ‘one-liners’ for my previous post, I had a particular story in mind when I added “This won’t take long.”

It’s become an inside joke with us that sometimes when you try to save a little time on the ranch, you can just as easily end up creating even more work for everyone involved.  Nowadays, when one of us starts with, “It’ll be faster if we do so-and-so,” the others will inevitably chime in with, “Oh, you mean like the time with the trailers?”

The “Time with the Trailers” is a perfect example of saving time – classic ranch-style.

There is a pasture on the far east end of the ranch, appropriately named The East Place.  Imaginative, no?  Anyway, it’s small enough that Dad only runs cattle on it part of the year, and then we move them back home to one of the larger pastures (meaning, one that still has grass).

Mr. HH and I arrived home one Friday night to find that Dad had found the cattle conveniently already in the corral, and shut the gate in anticipation of moving them home the next morning.  Mr. HH, though, already had his to-do list planned for Saturday.  So, although it was almost sunset, they agreed it would ‘save time’ to just go  haul the cattle home that evening.

Three hours later, they stagger in, muddy, sweaty, and--shall we say--not in good humor. 

“So, got the cows moved home?”

“Uh, not so much…we kinda got stuck once we had them loaded in the trailers.  And then we had to unhook one of the trucks to get the other unstuck.”  (Mr. HH wants me to not specifically name WHO pulled off the road too far, so I think you can figure that one out for yourself.  Sorry honey.)

“And then we got that one stuck too.   And so then the only way we could get either of them out was to unhook the other trailer too, and then it was so slippery we couldn’t hook back on…so we kinda had to let the cows back out.”

So, not only were the cows not penned and ready for loading the next morning, they were traumatized and wanted nothing to do with trucks or trailers.  Understandably, they ran to the other side of the pasture.  Not to mention the whole ordeal of re-hooking the abandoned trailers in what was now a slimy mud-pit the next morning.  Nice.

And that is how we ‘save time’ on the ranch.  Any questions?


Carlene Hill said...

Great ending and with that pictures of the cow. Funny!!

Darcy @ Chic College Cowgirl said...

lol I love your stories, and the photos are fabulous!

Dad said...

I would post a comment about saving time, but I don't have time.

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