Sunday, July 4, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

This is a story of 2 cats on the ranch. 

One cat lives out in the big wide world, and climbs trees and chases mice and catches rabbits.  But she also has to run from coyotes and badgers and climb trees not for fun, but to get away from the things that go bump in the night.

She is queen over everything from the front porch to the barn to the treerow and beyond, and yet the one domain that is not hers is the one she wants the most.  She sits on the porch and looks in through the window at the one who reigns in her place.

Yes, there is another who rules the indoor world: one whose hair is always clean and whose ears are not battle-damaged and whose next meal does not run on 4 legs, but is served to her on a silver platter (well, almost).

Her bed is not a hay bale, but a four-poster pillowtop, and she lays on the windowsill and taunts her outdoor cousin with tales of tuna fish, soft leather couches, and milk in a bowl.

And yet, and yet….when the taunting is over, and the other cat is off to hunt, there is a longing in her eyes.  With only a stuffed mouse to chase, and only a fake bird to stalk, she stares out the window and wonders…what she wouldn’t give to be a real ranch cat.  Maybe.


Special thanks to Crybaby and Miss Priss, our feline models for this week.

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Carlene Hill said...

Very well written. Nice photographs. It's true, they do seem to wonder and maybe even envy one another -- just like people.

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