Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Great Horned Owls

Dad decided to set up the trail camera in the barn where a great horned owl was raising 2 chicks.  Wow, these are some serious predators!  Look at all the stuff mama brings back to the babies.  Kinda sweet if you’re not too attached to cute fuzzy bunnies.  Or snakes.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That is SO COOL! The babies are just giant balls of fluff. I really would want to go up and pet one if I wasn't afraid of becoming food like that rabbit!

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Dad said...

They were great horned owls. If you pause it you can see the "horns" on both mother and the babies as they get older.


Mrs. HH said...

Thanks Dad, I fixed the post title to say great horned owls. My mistake!

Mrs. HH said...

@Jen: Yes, they were extremely fluffy. Dad sent me up there one day to take some pictures (which turned out horrible because it was so dark; thank goodness the trailcam has infrared flash), and I was terrified big mama was going to come and peck out my eyes. You could hear the babies - they would hiss like cats and pop their beaks together. Ssssspppppoooookkkkkkyyyyy! I think they could take off a finger pretty quick.

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