Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cry Baby

I would like to post some pictures.  I would like to post some pictures of my Mom’s favorite cat…well, actually her only cat – the only one she has ever claimed as hers, that is.

I would like to show you the cat that climbs to the very top of 20 ft trees and catches rabbits the size of bobcats and rats the size of rabbits.  I would show you pictures of the cat who has had each of her ears nearly bit off by who knows what and who has fallen into the garage door as it was opening and almost smooshed by the door panels.

That’s right, the cat that is afraid of nothing.  The cat that walks underneath the horses’ legs without fear, the cat that doesn’t blink an eye when the raccoons and the possums join her at the food bowl, the cat that is undeterred by gunpowder and loud noises when it is time to sight in the deer rifles off the back porch – I would like to show you some beautiful pictures of said cat.

But I can’t.  You see, there is one thing that sends this cat running for the hills:  off to some hiding place where I’ll never find her, not to be seen again for hours.  That’s right – my camera shutter.  As soon as I click the shutter, that cat is GONE.

Here, let me demonstrate:  Ok, ready? Aaaannnd *click*!

See the grass?  See the bucket?  See the cat?  I didn’t think so.  I’ve been trying to take pictures of 2 things all summer long:  dragonflies and this cat.  So far I have 20 decent pictures of dragonflies, and about 2 non-blurs of this cat.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

ha. that's funny! What an elusive cat... just my style :)

Mrs. H said...

Love the blog this week! Cry Baby was locked in the garage while we were at the movies. she was so put out at us when we got home. Those ears were straight back and tense!

Dad said...

If you will just take your camera and your breakfast out on the front porch she will show up and want to be your best friend. Happens to me every weekend.

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