Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fishing Snob

Have I mentioned that Mr. HH is a fishing snob?  Oh yes.  He considers anything but topwater lure fishing to be ‘trash fishing’, and not worth his time.  Well, excuse me!  I happened to grow up next to a river, not near a pond or a lake, and around here we take whatever kind of fishing we can get.

I say, once you’ve been noodling, you really can’t complain about any kind of fishing.  I mean, at least it doesn’t involve sticking your arm up in snake-holes in the dark. 

And we totally got Mr. Snobby to do that last year!

ColoradoPictures08.19.2008 097

Back to the story.  The huge rains this summer dug out a few nice little holes in the river and creek, and I finally talked him into taking the 4-wheelers down on the river for a little ‘trash fishing’.  He pretty much turned his nose up at the idea of a cork and a worm on a hook, but he went.

He did bring his topwater lures – just to show us how ‘real’ fishing is done.  That didn’t last long though, as Mom, Dad, and I were pulling in tiny catfish after tiny catfish.  (Dad calls those little guys ninja fish, because they can slice your hand open in a second with their little ninja-knife fins). 

Anyway, so he grumbled for a while, and then he dug out a cork and worm.  And then he caught the biggest catfish of the night!  Too bad it was the only big one, so we turned him (actually all of them) back – but we don’t like taking all of the good ones out of there anyway.  And the fun is in the catching!

So, after his trophy catch, all of the sudden he’s telling ME about proper weighting and float depth and what kind of hook I should be using.  Please! 

Just for that – here it is:  hard documented evidence of the snobby fisherman ‘trash fishing’ just like the rest of us mortals.  HA!


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Noodling?! Ahh. that looks terrifying... and there are poisonous water snakes down that way.

I like the fly fishing we get to do up here... trout are so much friendlier and prettier. haha

Carlene Hill said...

Spoken like a true Okie girl!

Mrs. HH said...

@Jen: Oh yes, trout are friendlier - I have never had my finger sliced open by a trout. But I don't think they are quite as tasty.

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