Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two-Year Mystery Solved

Hay season is great for so many reasons.  The heat, the work, the hours of hauling and stacking hay, the swollen eyes, the sneezing, the dusty air and dirty clothes….but most importantly, cutting down the 4 feet of grass that has been hiding things you’ve lost.

Take Dad’s cell phone, for example.  Last seen May 2008, the day we worked calves in all 4 big pastures.  He knew he had it when he left the East place, but not when we started working at the corrals at the house.  But luckily, he was SURE he didn’t get out of the truck anywhere between those pastures except to get one gate in the North pasture.

So, after the calves were worked and we had dismantled the pickup looking for it, we searched around that gate.  Up and back, circular patterns – we even brought the dog who picks up everything and brings it to you.  No such luck.  Dad doesn’t buy expensive phones just for this reason, but he was kind of sad about all of the phone numbers he would have to re-enter into the new phone.  Usually it’s water damage that gets him, you see – and at least he can still get the numbers off the SIM card.

But, life went on.  And then 2 phones later, July 2010, and what does the hay crew find while swathing?  None other than our old friend the missing phone!  Gee, can you imagine why we didn’t find it at that North gate?  Me neither.

Dad says  this should totally be covered by the warranty.  After all, what kind of phone can’t stand up to 2 years in the cow pasture and 10 cattle drives over it?  He says it must have been a phone made for ‘city folk’ anyway.


Mr. HH said...

I remember Mr. H saying, "I'm sure it must have fallen out here." So we looked and looked, but I see now why we never found it. These things should really come with homing beacons.

dad said...

I think the racoons moved it. This one probably drops less calls that the one I am using.

Mrs. H said...

Carlene and I looked and looked for that phone too. We walked in circles down at the "gate". Glad to know we were in the 'wrong' pasture! Mrs. H

Carlene Hill said...

That's pretty funny. Especially the map.

I have to say when I was a kid, my favorite thing about hay season was taking a jug of iced tea to the hay hauling guys. An easy way to find a welcome.

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