Monday, August 30, 2010

Wild West Traffic Enforcement – A Story about Grandad Part II

Remember how I said Grandad had a tendency to jump to the worst possible conclusions? And how the wheat truck finally got pulled over for missing an inspection sticker?  Well, here’s the rest of the story.  Oh, and don’t forget the colorful language, that’s important to remember too.


This particular patrolman had a soft heart, and told Dad that if he would get the truck inspected before his court date he would tear up the ticket.  The light sentence was even more surprising given the circumstances.

Dad had the oldest of the Kivans and one of his friends driving the trucks into town.  They were both just 16 and could barely see over the steering wheel.  When Dad sent them in with his load he jokingly said, “If you see a Highway Patrolman don’t tell him who owns this truck.”

A while later here came the truck back with a scared kid driving it and a frustrated patrolman following.  I remember him asking Dad if this was his truck.  Dad said yes and the patrolman said, “I had to follow it back to the field because this kid wouldn’t tell me who owned it!”

A few weeks passed and Dad got the truck to pass inspection and went to the courthouse with the evidence and all was forgiven.  But by that time it was a moot point since one of the Kivans was driving the truck and blew the engine up.  The day after the court date Grandad saw us all at the Mayfield store and asked one of the Kivans what happened with the truck.  They thought he meant about the motor, having already forgot about the court date.  I can’t remember which one had the conversation but I remember it going like this:

Grandad:  “What did they do about the old truck?” (he was worried about the price of the fine or it not passing inspection).

Kivans:  “Oh, that truck got blown up!!”  (referring to the motor)

Grandad:  “ BLEW IT UP!!  Well %#@!!%&^**#@ that was a good old truck!  Looks like they would have just given him a fine or something!”

I nearly had a stroke getting the Kivans out of the store so we could roll on the ground laughing.  We never told Grandad about the misunderstanding and don’t know if anyone in the store did or not.   But we did notice that after that he never did allow an inspection sticker to even get close to expiration.

Grandad and Kivans

--Post by Mr. H.

(thanks, Dad!)

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