Wednesday, September 22, 2010


First of all, thanks so much to all of you who left comments or sent me emails or cards after reading my last post.  It’s great to have such support.  As time moves along, we find ourselves moving along with it, and remembering the good times with Elmer as the bad fades away.  There is even a new pony on the ranch to talk about, but that’s another story.

The ranch keeps us working, keeps us busy all the time.  And as if we weren’t busy enough, Mr. HH and I are starting the ‘house project’.  Now, ever since we bought the newest big river pasture, I’ve had a vision of my dream house sitting on the hill overlooking the meadows.  But, because we still have to live in the great state of Texas for our ‘real jobs’, that dream will have to wait.  Instead, we’re building a weekend house which will one day sit beside the dream house (also overlooking the meadows – very important!).

What do we know about building a house?  Mr. HH knows quite a lot, but as for me…next to nothing, as it turns out.  So far we have a bunch of sticks with string tied to them, and a lot of checks written to people saying they’re going to come turn our sticks into a house.  But those sticks have a great view!

It was probably not a good sign that we had trouble even agreeing where the sticks themselves were supposed to go.  This is a great exercise in compromise, folks.  As in Mr. HH learns to compromise by finally giving in.  Oh, and we did get that ugly power line there moved out of the way, so the view is unobstructed – and boy is it beautiful.


This is also one of the few times you’ll see me on the other side of the camera.  Dad’s taking the pictures here – he thought this little disagreement was worth capturing.  Last time I gave him my camera he tried to drop it in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kauai, but I figured the chances of that happening out here were pretty slim.  So, good job Dad!

I guess this is as good of time as any to bring up our other family ‘project’ – our little baby HH growing inside my ever-expanding belly (yes, I know you can’t see it in these pictures, but that was a month ago…things are definitely different now).  So actually, neither of us is the complete boss of the house construction - baby is dictating the timeline:  must be completed by April 2011!  I’ll be sure to update with new pictures as both projects move along.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That looks beautiful! And that's so exciting. Can't wait to see how those sticks transform :)

Dad said...

did not nearly drop the camera. I had the strap around my neck. Will the baby have a safety harness??

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