Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gag Gifts

It’s no secret that Dad is not a big fan of Christmas shopping.  Since Mom doesn’t usually need anything that they sell at the lumberyard or the feed store, he kind of resents having to go into any establishment that doesn’t fall into those categories.

But gag gifts, now those are a different story.  Dad will go out of his way, and actually SHOP to find a gift intended to amuse a crowd, and even better if he can embarrass the recipient at the same time.

This year’s lucky winner was Mr. HH.  Dad even went to the trouble of wrapping these himself. 

The ‘toolbelt’ includes diapers, rubber gloves, a face mask, goggles, tongs, a rattle, powder, and baby wipes…Mr. HH thinks it’s hilarious.

And the back of the shirt details diaper instructions (although how he’s supposed to read this when it is on the BACK of the shirt is beyond me), written in a language Mr. HH can understand….baseball.

I guess you didn’t learn much about ranch life on this post, except that we probably wouldn’t   survive around here without a sense of humor.  I hope Mini HH can put up with the rest of us.

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