Sunday, February 6, 2011

I’m on Their Side Now…

Ah, wintertime.  The time of year when we wait, and wait, and wait on the cows as they slowly meander across the pasture to get fed.  It is also the time of year when Dad and Mr. HH gripe at the cows for being so slow.  And they complain that the cows are in the way, that they fight with each other all the time, and that they eat too much.

Maybe I never noticed it so much before.  But it’s more likely that I just relate to the mama cows more strongly since I am sharing their condition.  Of course they are slow and cranky: they are 8 months pregnant! 

I really feel for them this year.  Plus it’s cold, I’ll bet their feet and their backs hurt, and here we are making them chase after the pickup truck to get their cattle cubes. 

I’m sorry mamas – I think you look beautiful!  Now let’s all go put our feet (or hooves) up and wait for these babies to get here.


Mrs. HH said...

Why thank you! On a related note, I was shopping with Mom one day, and earlier I had made some comment about my 'fat pregnant self'. She said I wasn't fat, that I was glowing. Then when we fed the cows with Dad she said boy these cows look fat and I had to reply, "They're not fat, they're glowing!"

Double standard, don't you think??

crystal.cattle said...

Love the post! This winter has been hard on both animals and farmers. I am sure those mamas are glad you sympathize with them!

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