Just a few of the images we’ve captured at the ranch.  Some of these are older, some are new, but all of them are pretty amazing.

Dad took this from the pickup window when he stumbled across this little fawn on the river pasture.

This armadillo was rooting in the haystack when we went to feed.  He never saw me sneak up, but when the shutter clicked, he ran like crazy.

Little calf was sleeping in the wheat field when we pulled up to check Mr. HH’s parent’s cows.

I have been stalking these dang turkeys all spring, and this is as close as I can get.

Mom’s apple tree blooming.

Peach tree blossoms.

Baby Bantam chicken was quite confused by my camera.

Another baby Bantam, trying to take a nap under the heat lamps.

Baby quail ordered through the mail for the quail brooder.

The ONLY decent picture of a baby guinea I could get.  They are NEVER still.

Fritz (Dad’s German Shorthair Pointer)
against a picture-perfect Oklahoma sunset.

A gorgeous purple and orange sunset on the ranch.

Grassfire a few years ago.  Think maybe Dad was a little too close when he took this?

Grandpa’s tractor and planter, now used for unrolling cable for fences.

My very first digital camera, got lucky and caught this barn owl in flight.

Mr. HH took this while deer hunting with his CELL PHONE CAMERA, can you believe it?

Dad took this in 2001 of the creek on a particularly beautiful sunny day after a snowstorm.

This coyote was coming into the yard and stealing apples from under the apple tree.  He’s got an apple in his mouth in this shot.


A few of these are already available as downloads, but if you see one you would like added, leave me a comment.  If I have the high-res version, I’ll post it as a download for you.

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